Apr 24, 2024

Pre-fall 2024 “Chérie on Top” collection reaffirms Sretsis’ strive for environmental responsibility with the re-introduction of Sretsis Reimagined, for a once-a-year offering of sustainably produced clothing utilizing upcycled fabrics and surplus stock vintage items reimagined with ingenuity. Taking inspiration from sugar, spice, and all things nice, a sweet thread runs though the collection with “Royal Icing” print, “Fruit Salad” embroidery, and meticulous craftsmanship of silk chiffon ruffles emulating delicate piped frosting on a cake. Balancing the sweet are offerings of graphic motifs – from all over heart print, polka dot bejeweled knits, and hand-crafted geometric patchwork brocades – for a collection of mix-and-match effortlessness with a ‘Chérie on top’.

First introduced in 2018, Sretsis Reimagined started as a challenge to take responsibility for the surplus textiles that were created for Sretsis’ collections.

For the past 21 years, Sretsis has designed over 55 collections, and we have cultivated a vast archive of
novelty textiles.These unique textiles fit together like pieces and narrate a story of creativity and imagination longing to be kept and cherished for its emotional and actual value.
Which led to exploring the idea of reimagining archive textiles and surplus fabrics in a new light for
Sretsis Reimagined, an initiative to create responsibly and with purpose.

Sretsis Reimagined: Archive Fabric

Diving deep into Sretsis vast archive of novelty fabrics, and exploring the history in a brand-new light with updated ideas, silhouettes, and techniques. This season, archive fabrics ranging from Spring – Summer 2013 to Spring – Summer 2018 is re-envisioned with exciting techniques that transform them into something entirely new. A medley of Sretsis’ most beloved “Language of Flower” prints are pieced together on idiosyncratic looks that harmoniously blends floral prints with a walk on the wild side. “Faeries” revisits the signature print from Spring – Summer 2005 and is printed on celestial lurex-chiffon and jacquard silk for effortlessly ethereal styles.

Pre-fall 2024 consists of 57% Sretsis Reimagined items designed utilizing 1780 M of archive fabric from
16 collections.

Sretsis Reimagined: Patchwork

The meticulous craftsmanship of cutting squares out of remnant brocade fabrics used in previous Sretsis creations are painstakingly patchworked together to form fabrication in geometric patterns like checkerboard, gingham, and mosaic. With a sharp focus on tailoring, crisp and exact silhouettes on collarless jackets ranging from cropped to elongated four-pockets, top off feminine skirts that explore the fluidity of subtle motions on layers-upon-layers of 100% silk chiffon ruffles.

HEARTMADE GINGHAM PATCHWORK JACKET is composed of 407 pattern pieces taking over
2100 minutes to complete.

CHECKMATE PATCHWORK JACKET is composed of 206 pattern pieces taking over 1800 minutes to complete.

Sretsis Reimagined: Upcycled Vintage

Starting in 2022 with upcycling vintage leather jackets and continuing the efforts of upcycling surplus
vintage, Pre-fall 2024 brings back pre-loved jeans and prints them with our signature “Rosa & Daisy”
Sourcing one pair of vintage jeans helped to conserve 5000 – 10,000 liters of water or equivalent to one swimming pool, usually used to create one pair of new jeans.
Expertly sourcing vintage jeans that pass our meticulous quality control and printing them melds
together past and present for an item that considers the future.


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