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Welcome to Sretsis, the modern fantasy women’s fashion brand in Bangkok, Thailand. Each collection is woven with dreams and translated into Sretsis tales through novelty textiles, prints, and craftsmanship. We’ve developed a unique vision for women’s fashion, reimagining classics with a Sretsis twist. 

Sretsis was founded by three sisters Kly, Pim, and Matina Sukhahuta. The idea for the clothing brand began in their New York apartment in 2002. Now, Sretsis is headquartered in Nonthaburi, Thailand where the in-house factory is located. Sretsis has grown exponentially and is now a fashion powerhouse, having been featured in Vogue, Elle, WWD, Nylon, Numero, and Ginza.  

The Sretsis woman is poetic, romantic, and free-spirited. Blending old-world glamour and the modern rebel, Sretsis is not just any online ladies fashion brand in Thailand. A Sretsis woman appreciates the past and lives in the present in her own fantasy. She is comfortable in her own skin and style choices. She’s ageless, unconventional, and contemporary. 

In putting together the perfect garment, Sretsis focuses on unique prints that are reinterpreted classics. We use exclusively developed fabrics, ranging from printed silks, intricate jacquards, and embroidered tulles imported from France, Italy, Germany, and Japan. Every piece of fabric has a story and history to tell. We place uncompromising attention to detail and are on a never-ending quest for creativity and ingenuity. Sretsis celebrates freedom, femininity, and dreamers. It’s the modern fantasy clothing for women. 

Sretsis designs are heavily inspired by whimsical creations blended with vintage classics and subtle dark-humored prints. Each collection is an adventure and reflects what inspires the sisters at the time. These concepts are manifested into printed fabrics and patterns that are completely original. Underlying every collection is a feminine, fantasy-inspired theme that is continually growing and evolving. The concept of individuality and luxury is at the heart of Sretsis. We want women to express themselves freely without limitations. A woman’s wardrobe is her own and reflects her personality and individuality. 

Browse and shop Sretsis online to find the latest and boldest ladies fashion. Visit our other collections including Sincerely Yours, a luxurious unisex loungewear line, and Little Sister for more products. The first Sretsis flagship store is located at Central Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand. Right next door is Sretsis Parlour, a fairy tale tea room serving the finest teas and cakes in a luxurious Victorian-inspired setting. 

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