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Welcome to the World of Sretsis, where fashion is characteristically sophisticated, rebellious, and full of surprises. Evoking a modern fantasy for women around the world, with styles ranging from floral dresses, cocktail dresses, and more online in Thailand. Each collection is woven with dreams and translated into Sretsis tales through novelty textile, prints and meticulous craftsmanship.

Discover a wide collection of Sretsis dresses, from mini dresses, tea dresses, cocktail dresses, and more online and in-store in Thailand. The Sretsis collection ranges from everyday wear, cocktail wear to essential travel pieces. Our ready-to-wear pieces are playful yet sophisticated, blending feminine charm with a touch of rebellion. Our signature silhouettes include floral and day-to-night dresses, evoking a sense of freedom and intimacy with immaculate attention to detail.

Our dresses are made with a meticulous level of quality, created with custom textiles and limitless imagination. Each print is unique with an unwavering vision of grownup fantasies, reinterpreted classics, and humored surprises. You will discover a myriad of prints and materials, from hand assembled silk peonies, laser-cut guipure lace, satin stitch embroideries, to hand-beaded crystal pearls and ultra-suede fabrics.

Every collection is fused with elegance, femininity, and inspired by dreams and fantasies. Sretsis is ageless; every piece worn is timeless. When you shop our designer dresses online, every item is exclusive in design and material. Our prints are entirely original and are a reflection of Sretsis’ core inspiration. Through careful selection of colors, artistic styles, drawings, and fabric, a Sretsis dress is born and ready to be worn by creative, free-spirited, and independent women.

Mix and match Sretsis dresses to suit your style for any occasion. Our ready-to-wear dresses can be transformed for any occasion. However you choose to style a Sretsis dress, let your natural individuality shine because the Sretsis woman knows no boundaries when it comes to self-expression.

Get your dream look with a dress from Sretsis. Our latest collection consists of innovative and fantasy-driven dresses, from bold florals, Chantilly lace, to sparkly sequins. The Sretsis woman is not afraid to have a little fun. Pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box is at the core of Sretsis’ inspiration. Channel your inner fairytale queen and browse through our designer dresses online.

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