Every Sretsis collection is in a way semi-autobiographical. It retells and encapsulates the three sisters’ worldviews, wilderment, childhood and dreamlike fantasies.  Try putting each one in a straight timeline; you might be able to unfurl this mystical, captivating Sretsishood.

“Oh, My Dear, Deer!” hits even closer to home, adding another personal dimension to Sretsis.  Culled largely from the eldest sister Kly’s recent matrimony and her ethereal love story. Fuelled by the couple’s grounded romance, undeniable compatibility and pervading sense of calm, The collection pays tribute to the quiet flight of fancy and Kly’s never told wish to relocate to a farm upcountry with her dearest. Kly’s husband owns a design company, Slowmotion, whose logo is none other than a hopping deer.  Deer is chosen, along with daisies,
to represent the understated luxury that resonates throughout the collection.  

Slim Aarons’ “A Place in the Sun” photo book also plays an integral part in “Oh, My Dear, Deer!”. In the photo book, the photographer followed well-heeled socialites to the most exclusive holidays, where all the cares of the world were forgotten, and captured them in their most relaxed moments.  Those moments displayed deep self-contentment as the subjects were caught in their simple yet well-madeattires, that exemplified muted ease, power, and class.

Combining the subtle style of Aarons’s jetsetters and Sretsis eldest’s surprising wish to escape to the country, “Oh, My Dear, Deer!” pronounces effortless effort through timeless designs and long lasting quality, rather than loud glitz and bright flash. The collection redefines luxury without neglecting signature Sretsis sense of humor and wild fantasy. It speaks of ultimate happiness that derived from a simple life with your dearly beloved, tracing the progress of the newlyweds from a honeymoon to a farm life with deers, daisies and a lot of devotions.

Turning usual work wears into multi purpose pieces, Sretsis puts a spin on rough overall, treating it with detachability, tailored cuts and Hickory stripes while a Bambi shirt dress can turn into a light jacket when a long work day is over, and an intricate lace camisole should make that night hayride even more enjoyable.  The new kind of romance creeps in with modernized Victorian dresses that embrace lace insert technique, lace panel and twisted uneven graduated hems.  For a honeymoon bliss, reversible dresses with blooming daisy prints, tailored sundresses and jumpsuits with daisy hand appliqué will get you anywhere from Biarritz to Bangkok. Harking back to the wedding day, an elegant, short wedding dress, patterned after Kly’s, and bridal overall are revolutionized by luminous fabric, rendering free spirits and playfulness.  New separate cocktail silhouette allows flexibility and creativity to thrive.  “Oh, My Dear, Deer!” produces garments fit for every occasion from a work place, a garden party, a very happy Sunday to a short getaway.  

As in Sretsis’ traditions, the prints are playful, and sparkle with thoughtful craftsmanship.  Why should leopards or zebras have all the fun?  A take on animal prints, Deer Skin prints come in three colourways: brown Bambi, off white Snow Deer and electric blue Blue Deer (in case your dear deer wants to laze around the beach).  
My Favorite Deer prints are hand drafted after real deer skin while My Deer Daisy big scale screen prints and Blooming Daisy prints provide all the flowery fun.

The selected textiles bespoke the “understated luxury” mantra.  Simplicity and durability are keys when it comes to “Oh, My Dear, Deer!” textile selection.  Upholding the country life, fabrics are chosen to be as close to being natural as possible.  Cotton Voile is 100 percent natural while matte silk and heavy organza are built to last as well as please every touch. High quality rayon and silk chiffon allow updated comfort.  Cotton pique is mixed with spandex for agile, gliding movement and extra strength.  

“Oh, My Dear, Deer!” champions values and endurance with clean, attentive cuttings, functional lining, and lace hemming. Delicate embroidery comes in the shape of Tiny Daisy bouquets with a few unruly daisies spilling out in true Sretsis style.  Deer discharge laser print on jeans come washed with worn and cut-off effect.  
This collection stresses on fine details visible only through close inspection.  

Matina Amanita for Sretsis echoes the same conviction of effortlessness and exquisite practicality.  It’s the first time that Matina Amanita carves stones, and these special carved stones are ivory, lapis and malachite.  
They come in Love Bird earrings and My Deer Horn pendants.  Signature stackable rings are in deer and daisy forms.  “Oh, My Dear, Deer!” is also the first time for Matina Amanita for Sretsis to create classic lockets.  
The double-sided lockets hold SRS initials with matte finish on one side, and a kissing deer and doe on the other.  

“Oh, My Dear, Deer!” is light on the usual fanciful razzle-dazzle.  Still, the glamour is intact, but hidden artfully in superior details and first class textiles, aiming for timelessness, versatility and plush durability.  These classic staple pieces can be mixed and matched with each other breezily, and no lovelorn deer would be caught in a headlight.

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