Children of the stars,

We are.

Cruise the sun, travel the stars, bathe the moon,

We do.

Live the day, and pray the night; happiness and tears,

We feel.

Forget not how lucky we are,

Children of the stars.

During a spiritual activity in Bali, Indonesia, Sretsis glimpsed into the interconnectivity between the universe and every living organism drifting in and out, standing grounded and floating around.  Pondering that one true universal message, natural power, origins of the stars shining from above and constant energy transmissions that bind us together, Sretsis dreams up “Children of the Stars” to gently remind those in doubt, fear and melancholy that each and single one us is a beloved child of the universe no matter how disconnected we sometimes feel in this hectic world.

“Children of the Stars” aims to stir up the often forgotten desire to locate paradise within through relaxed attitudes and nonchalant outlooks to life without forgoing an effortless composure and a passionate commitment to style.

Just like the astronomical signs, the collection is divided into Sretsis’ own celestial divisions. Empowered by the stars within, brave “Star Travellers” navigate the utilitarian universe with “Children of the Stars” print on linen and viscose.  The natural fabric and raw edges are given an unforced luxurious feel by special golden compass buttons.

After the journey to the stars, our travellers descend down to the oceanfront.  Sretsis “Sun Cruisers” are brimming with marine time joy through reinterpreted chevron stripes that literally come in waves with “Love/Hope Anchor” motif anchoring on intarsia knit.  Never ones to be hankered down by the sun, our cruisers pair new classic sailor looks with antiques inspired “Paradise Lace” as well as raw edges.  “Summer Paradise” celestial division swarms any beach towns with hand drawn “Paradise Found” print, which comes alive in the most vivid tropical dream.  Kimono cover-ups, loose knot details, smocking and animal patches reinforce the breezy yet put together feel.

“Moon Dreamers” adorn eveningwear, waiting to be swept up the darkened sky.  Star shaped crystal embellishments, ruched details and horsehair hemlines add playfulness to tulle, knit and chiffon.  Flowing shapes and natural lines lend palatial ease to go over the moon in a swish of chevron fringes.

By embracing mystical power of Mother Nature and gracefully tuning into our surroundings, positivity and inner peace are within reach.  Sretsis toys with the idea that we all possess and share energy of the stars.  As divisions of celestial longitudes, the 12 zodiac signs, a major source of inspirations for this collection, represent a collective sense of belonging, of being a part of a larger sphere as well as reference points to begin a journey to be one with the universe.

Based on the age-old astrological signs, “Children of the Stars” print renders Sretsis interpretations and twists decorated with minuscule details to each symbol.  The tenacious Lion of Leo coughs out myriads of twinkling stars while the Great Twins, Castor and Pollux, of Gemini reincarnate as a pirate and a sailor.  Scorpio is no longer a frightful scorpion, but rather a beautiful princess with a long braid that resembles a scorpion tail.  An astrologically correct gold and silver constellation map, using a double printing maneuver, overlies the 12 zodiac signs.  “Paradise Found” print is also hand drawn and colored brightly to represent tropical jungle wonderland.  

“Children of the Stars” introduces laminated lace for the first time.  Waterproof and durable, the laminated lace is ready to explore the universe while special techniques include double printing, faux stitching to mimic aged and worn effects, leather labels with embossed “Love/Hope Anchor” motif and raw edges that will not unravel any further.

“Sretsis Jewelry” brings down the 12 zodiac signs to accompany signet rings, and then travels undersea to explore treasures found in shipwrecks guided by a compass pendant.  Fresh water pearls are used without manipulations to retain their natural shapes and forms.  From the jungle, animal patches come out to play as oversized earrings while up in the sky, beyond the shining moon, “Stardust Locket” is filled with glitters while “Starburst Necklace” is a fun, four-way intergalactic treasure that can be turned into a headpiece, broche, hair pin and bracelet with a few snaps. 



For accessories, Sretsis collaborates with Rudimentary to ease spiritual travelling burdens by backpacks, buckets, totes and waterproof weekenders with “Children of the Stars” and “Paradise Found” prints as well as “Love/Hope Anchor” motif.

From the sun to the moon, we admire.  From the sky to the ground, we stand united.  From the sea to the jungle, we thrive.  We shall always remember that we are all children of the stars, which will continue to twinkle on us, radiate from us, and glow within us.