Noted for the signature rebellious contrasts, Sretsis displays its tongue-in-cheeks spirits by setting old, classic glamour against perceived girlishness to harmoniously arrive at the height of “sleek cuteness” with a touch of elegance, a whip of whimsical fantasy and a sprinkle of dark humor.
Mesmerized by the photographic works of Horst P. Horst and George Hoyningen-Huene, whose portraits of timeless beauties and Hollywood royalties in the 30s gave a true meaning to cinematic glamour.  Be it black and white or in monochromatic settings, the two masters of lightings and shadows epitomized women at their most alluring states.  “Sweetness” recaptures that classic attitude of a golden era with Sretsis’ redefinition of grandeur through clean-cut silhouettes and enigmatic eminence.

With old glamour firmly in grips, “Sweetness” ventures deep into the psyche of girlishness.  Instead of the usual Sretsis animal mascots and fairytale fantasies, Sretsis chooses to adopt various sweets, candies, cakes, ice creams and desserts as representations of assumed girly kitsch mentality for their age-old affiliations to the typical notion of socially constructed cuteness. 

When two sources of inspirations combined, “Sweetness” comes to life for those who are not afraid to be girlish and graceful, and those who dare to be cute yet cultured. 

The harmonious matrimony manifests itself in sharp tailoring, clean cut streamlines and crisp constructions that set against bold party graphics, quirky dessert prints with glaze and glitters as toppings and fun silhouettes.  To create an undone elegance, “Sweetness” serves up Cherry Pop mini skirt, Cherry Punch pencil skirt, Bittersweet back-slit dress, slim fit tux pants, satin sculpted-bow sleeved dress, Gummy Cherry camisole and sheer silky tops among other wide arrays of sweets. 
Tailor shirts comes with crystal sprinkled collar in both sheer and shiny materials.  A new silhouette arrives with a combination of Glitter Dip Tuxedo blouse over Sugar Date bustier dress.  Sweatshirts and jumpers add in sporty, casual elements, but the glitz comes in form of custom French Terry fabric with additional satin coupled with subtle hemming, linings and spilt, creating a polish distinction.

Soft Cream print comes in three colorways: Choco Fudge, Bubble Gum and Candy Mix, and is available in silk chiffon and stretch satin. As colors of Soft Cream change, toppings also vary.  Enjoy Sundaes print with four colorways on stretch satin and crepe.  Cherry Sprinkles print on silk jacquard and crepe bring extra flavors to your ice cream on a hot day.  Sretsis’ subtle naughtiness and cheeks seep through the use of bananas, cherries, flavorful dips and twisted knots.  Customized pleats on metallic promise to maintain the regal pleats as you hop over to the neighborhood candy store.

Matina Amanita for Sretsis is adding cherries on top with a new sugar coated take on plastic and celluloid jewelries in fruit shapes from the 50s.  Matina Amanita uses metal and gold plated metal instead to create cheeky replicas of fruit toppings, sprinkles and chocolate dips.  It is also the first time that Matina Amanita dabbles in embossing—a process that brings forth lightness in weight.  Young, fresh and fearless at the first look, but closer inspections reveal crafted techniques from enameling to glittering and carefully selected materials, which throw divine maturity into the mix.

“Sweetness” is calling for all sweethearts out there with a sweet tooth and refined inner strength.   You should never have to choose between being sweet and sophisticated.  With a cone of soft cream and a chocolate dipped banana in hands, and classic beauty in mind, nothing can ever go wrong.